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Methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM

MSM is a sulfur compound which has been found to occur naturally in the human body, in milk, in fish, in green vegetables, and in various grains.

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It is usually sold as a dietary supplement. MSM can be found in some form in all living creatures including plant life, and is usually described as both without taste or smell.

The extract generally comes in the form of a white crystalline powder which can be dissolved in water.

Sulfur is found in all the main structures of the body and is needed in some fashion by all of them.

Enzymes need it to metabolize and react to nutrients, hormones need it in order to produce the correct result in the individual they are affecting, and it is needed by antioxidants and the antibodies of the immune system as well.

Because it is so important to the body it is equally important that it be constantly replenished.

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Though MSM can be found in the diet, it is often destroyed during the production sequence that goes into processed foods. Therefore processed foods, the snacks which seem to make up a large majority in American diets, are not very rich in MSM which is why supplementation may be needed in some cases.

Since sulfur is so prevalent in the bodies of living organisms, this makes it a part of at least 150 compounds that can be found in the body including proteins, hormones, and even more physically prominent aspects such as skin and hair.

Because sulfur is found in the connective tissue this also makes it an important component of collagen which relieves aches in the joints by keeping them well lubricated. MSM may also keep the cell walls strong, allowing nutrients in, but keeping toxins out.

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